Skill Assessments:

To confirm whether a person can execute the standards anticipated in the workplace, as indicated in the pertinent endorsed unit of competency, it is a process of gathering evidence and making judgments about whether competency has been reached. The legitimacy of the sector of vocational education and training is supported by quality evaluation. We will do the skill assessment through the Competence Impact Assessment Tools (CIAT).

Campus Hiring:

 Competence Learning India Pvt. Ltd. offers holistic pre-employment tools to scientifically measure core traits as well as acquired skills of candidates. Our suite of tools consists of personality assessments, behavioral assessments, cognitive assessments, technical assessments, coding assessments, and communication skills assessments.

Talent Assessment:

  1. Precisely Assess Candidate Skills: Leverage Scientifically Validated Assessments to Remove Human Biases & Judgments
  1. Minimize Your Hiring Costs: Automated Processes Help You Get a Larger Pool of Screened Candidates to Choose From
  1. Scale To Match Your Needs: Robust Platform to Assist Exceptional Organizational Growth. We have a Record of Conducting 200,000 Proctored Assessments in a day!

Remote Proctoring Assessment:

Our Online Examination System Features New-Age Anti-cheating Technology. Our Suite of Online
Proctoring Services Ensures Cheating-Free Online Exams. We will do the skill assessment through the Competence Impact Assessment Tools (CIAT).

  1. Student Authentication(CIAT): Multi-factor authentication technology to eliminate the risk of student impersonation.
  2. Proctoring Technology(CIAT): A comprehensive human-based and AI-based proctoring technology – Live proctoring, auto proctoring, and record and review proctoring.
  3. Secure Browser(CIAT): Lockdown technology that sanitizes students’ computers by disabling additional tabs, browsers, external ports, etc.