Purpose & Aim

The company encourages employees, assessors, and others to communicate their grievances. That way we can foster a supportive and pleasant workplace for everyone.

The aim of this document is to streamline the process of effective handling of appeals against decisions related to assessment/examination/any other activity/process related to certification in the organization.


This policy is applicable to all Palmary Project and Services Pvt. Ltd. employees/assessors / SMEs and its associates. A grievance can be filed against any employee, including senior management and shareholders. Competence Learning India Pvt. Ltd defines a “grievance” as a formal work-related complaint, issue, and/or objection made by an employee.

Grievance Procedure

Before filing an official grievance complaint, Competence Learning India Pvt. Ltd. asks that all employees review the policy that directly impacts their complaint.

CIAT encourages employees to resolve minor disputes with the help of a Director, Manager, G.M., and Human Resource (HR) department representative. If the informal complaint is not fairly and constructively resolved within 30 days, employees may file a formal grievance.

Grievance Committee

Competence Learning India Pvt. Ltd. grievance committee members comprise Director, CEO, HR Head, and Company’s appointed Legal Head.

Company Responsibilities

It is Competence Learning India Pvt. Ltd. (CIAT) responsibility to: Accept and thoroughly investigate all Appeals & Complaints.

Policy Violations

If an employee is found to have violated the grievance procedure policy, they will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The severity of each case will determine the type of disciplinary action, which may include a verbal or written warning, suspension, and/or termination.

Policy DOA

The HR Head is the owner of this policy. For any clarification, please contact the HR team.

Policy Change Mechanism

Management reserves the right to modify or terminate this policy without any prior notice or information.